Friday, August 08, 2008

On Holiday, Day 6 - Out of Town Guest

Being on holiday is great. No schedule, do what you want (as much or as little). But every now and then it is nice to have someone to share it with. So it was a nice change of pace to have some company for a day.

My friend 'M' is heading up to France for her own holiday and since she had to change trains in London anyway worked it that she'd overnight here so we could spend a day together.

I met her at the train station just down the hill from where I'm staying and we grabbed a cup of coffee on the patio of a cafe next to the station before heading back to the house so she could drop off her back pack and freshen up a bit.

We headed into the city to the little hole in the wall place I found last December called Raffles Cafe, home of the 2.99 Big Ben Breakfast. And people say it's expensive to eat in London, pshaw!

Next was a nice walk through Hyde Park then starting to head toward the Victoria & Albert museum. As we walked by the Royal Geographical Society I noticed some breath taking photographs on display through the window. I stopped to read the sign advertising the exhibit and saw the two magic words "Admission Free". The exhibition was called Portraits of Adventure and you can see a few of the photos here There were some pretty amazing shots.

A pit stop at the V&A Cafe for a coffee and then we walked to the Science Museum to take a look around. It's one of those places I've never been and it was wall to wall children so very noisy an a bit on the chaotic side. We went through an exhibit called Plasticity that was basically everything you wanted to know about Plastic but were afraid to ask.

The other exhibit we checked out was a multimedia exhibit called the Listening Post Really found this interesting, both the concept and the finished product.

After viewing those two things I'd about had my quota of screaming children so it was off to Victoria Station. We picked up some cheap theatre tickets to go and see the musical Wicked so we spent the rest of what was left of the afternoon in a pub enjoying a cold draft and some dinner.

The musical was great and I must say the character of Glinda the Good Witch stole the show! Once the show got out it then hit me that the Victoria Line underground shut down early at 10PM do to ongoing upgrades (DOH!) but no worries as it just meant we took the train instead (phew!).

Back to the house and a little tipple of some lovely dessert wine and a few cookies - I now know what a Jaffa Cake is, I don't like them and I don't care what the package says they are a cookie, not a cake!

It was a good day.

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