Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On Holiday, Day 2 - Shopping, Sweat and Underwear

I was not expecting this heat and humidity. Who knew anywhere in the UK got an ACTUAL summer? I did not come prepared wardrobe wise for 28 degrees, no breeze and high humidity.

I already needed to go shopping because of the packing fiasco and forgetting to pack underwear so I might as throw on the list to look for a few summeresque clothes. I don't want to spend a fortune because it's not like I'll have much need for them when I return to Glasgow.

It was 4 months ago I was here last so I still remember the bus/tube connections to get me from the house into the city. I want to head into the Kensington shopping district to take a wee wander and see if there are any sales. I don't think I can manage the crush pack crowds in the Oxford Circus area just yet, it's toooo hot for that.

I take a look at my little tourist map inside the cover of my eyewitness guide book and can see that the bus makes a stop at Piccadilly Circus and from there it's a straight line to where I want to go. However, enroute I make a fatal mistake once we cross the Thames and I decide to get off there and walk a different way to see a different part of the city.

You see living in Glasgow for 21 months I've become accustomed to Glasgow distance and scale when it comes to their maps. So you look at something and think 'wow, that's far' and then find you're there in 10 minutes. What I failed to take into account was that tiny little 'scale reference' at the bottom of the map and the heat, humidity and absence of any breeze. This all added up to me doing my own personal death march. Trying to find a little shop to purchase some water, criss crossing the streets trying to find shade. After 2 attempts I did manage to get on another bus and get to the correct area but at this point I was in no mood to shop, but the loor of air conditioning changed that.

H&M had a big sale on and loads of racks with all items 5.00 so even by Glasgow standards that's a pretty good deal. Managed to find a pair of shorts, a tank top and a little black sundress that will look oh so smashing with my red sneakers all for only 16.90

So that chore done my stomach is reminding me it's been a long time since breakfast and I seriously need some water. I remembered from a trip back in December there was this fabulous French Patisserie down the road and their prices weren't too bad. So I find it and pick up a Crayfish and Rocket sandwich, a chocolate croissant and a can of Perrier.

I cross the street and eat it on the steps of the Victoria and Albert Museum as it's good place to people watch. And yes it was delicious!

So now that I'm fed and watered I still need to find some inexpensive underwear. I wander the other direction of the district but it's mostly designer shops. I'm sorry I just can't bring myself to spend 86.00 for a pair of knickers, I don't care who's name is on them. It's about then that I remember there is a Next Warehouse at Victoria Station. Back underground I go to make my way there.

It must be hot, I can see signs all over the stations warning what to do if you are feeling ill. Number 1, don't get on a train! It is even more muggy when you're on the underground as they are not air conditioned, throw on lots of hot sweaty bodies and it's not pleasant.

I've found success at Victoria Station and have now completed all I set out to do and none too soon. I feel in dire need of a nap and a few litres of water. Tomorrow I'll be ready to face the heat in cooler clothes and clean underwear!


Things To Do In Glasgow said...

Welcome to glasgow summer, it'll only last a few days so enjoy it

Barb said...

Chris, I must comment on genetics....I too have packed for a trip and forgotten to pack underwear.
We were heading to Florida in the camper Van we used to have planning to stay in Ohio, Georgia and then a few days near Daytona Bch. Needless to say after 2 days of substituting Don's Shorts for something of my own I shopped at a Bealls Outlet in Daytona. I am more careful now and look after myself first.