Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Day That Was My 43rd Birthday - July 20, 2008

Yes it's a bit late but I hope it's worth the wait.

If you've gone to my flickr page at all you'll have noticed the shots from last Sunday taken out at Loch Lomand. A lovely little spot but man-o-man was it cold. The sun that I left behind in Glasgow was no where to be seen now. Took some OK shots but I can't help but think they could have been that much better had a brilliant blue sky been in the background. But in Scotland that is a bit too much to ask.

On the drive back to Glasgow I told my friend to stop at an open field. I had an idea. I had been joking that my friend was going to be my 'official' birthday photographer. If the Queen can get an official portrait why can't I?

So he pulled off to the side of the road and parked. Grabbed the camera gear and hopped the fence. At this point he says, 'Now there's no bull in this field right?' and I look around and say 'You mean like that one waaaaaay over there that's looking at us?' But the bull seemed quite happy hanging out with the sheep and staying in his far corner so no danger.

This was the perfect spot to document number 43

This shot is one of my favorites.

Acting your age is highly over rated.

My interpretation of 'sensible' shoes.

And what does one do when standing in an open field, in the sun, surrounded by sheep and it's your birthday? Why twirl of course! And no, I was NOT singing The Hills are Alive.

How about an abstract shot

Not bad for an old lady eh? Ok maybe not old, how about middle aged?


Rob said...

Great shots. Love the colours in the shoe photo.

TadMack said...

Happy belated bday! Aren't all those open fields great!

I am in envy of your shoes. I'm needing to find an orthopedic version of those!

Chris said...

There is no way you're 43. Nuh-uh.

Alan Whyte said...

I would have put you in your very early thirties, hopes to score brownie points with this bit of flattery.