Monday, May 12, 2008

New Music

I love discovering new music. There are so many talented bands but with radio being so restrictive in what they play it can be difficult to find out what else is out there. Recommendations from friends are always helpful, but if they live in the same post code as you, they are often a limited source due to being exposed to the same media environment.

One thing I've started doing since I moved to the UK is when I connect with someone on a musical level (it happens on occasion) we do a bit of a music exchange. Find say 10 bands the friend has never heard of then put together a list of tunes, links to various websites, perhaps the odd YouTube video and viola! New music!

But there is also the blogs.

One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is The Pompomist. This girl has a great taste in music. Like me she will post the odd wonderful find and I thank her for this. But this sharing is a two way street. I introduced her to the Canadian Band Sloan and just this morning she posted a bit on a band I'd never hear of Beirut.


I so need to find their CD's

Kind of a cross between Ron Sexsmith and Rufus Wainwright if playing with a Balkan Gypsy band. Wonderful!


Gordon said...


Some people suggested that everyone should listen to Beirut last year too! ;-)

It's good to have ways of finding new music though, especially as most (all?) chart stuff is rubbish these days.

Rob said...

I just discovered Beirut the other day from my recommended list and am loving them. Really cool sound.

clipp2nd said...

Beirut is playing the Commadore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC, on May 22nd - don't you wish you were here?

Jamie said...

Ah! Thank you, Chris! We definitely have similar music taste.
I've enjoyed reading your site today. You have some great stuff in here.
Although I should check your awesome site more often. Shame on me!

Baxter Tocher said...

Have you looked at Jamendo, Chris? Lots of new, unheard wonders there (they've published more than 9,000 albums to date, and all are free to download!):