Friday, May 16, 2008

Mark Your Calendars!

I'm giving you all LOTS of advance warning of this.

Date: Saturday March 7, 2009
Time: 17:00 - 19:00
Place: Biblio Cafe, 262 Woodlands Road, Glasgow

Event: An exhibition of my photography

I will actually have my work exhibited for the entire month of March, but the 1st Saturday will be the party. With it being 10 months away the selection of shots I choose to exhibit will probably change over and over again until the day arrives and I need to cart them over to the cafe to be hung on the walls. Friends with vehicles, you know I'll be calling for your assistance. I can only carry so much in my wee little arms.

Things to do:

- Come up with an informative yet entertaining bio
- Decide on the prices (needs to be expensive enough that people will assume what they are buying is art, but cheap enough that they actually shell out the cash)
- Finalize the grouping
- Figure out what order to hang them in
- and the most important..... what to wear for the party!

Make your travel plans now!


Peggy said...

You sure are giving us plenty of notice! Well done!

I do have a large car and I will help you (seriously).

Rob said...

That's exciting, congratulations!

Katie said...


abigail said...

Congrats - awesome news... Hope all is well, see you soon.. xx

John Taylor said...

That's excellent! Congrats! I'm sure it'll be great fun -
Wish I could be there for it - during your decision process, be sure to consider one of my favorites: Landscape shot from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne set.

Jamie said...

I would have looooved to go, but I am stuck here in the States. Bummer!
Good luck with everything!

Laurel said...

I SO wanna be there for that! Ohmygoodness the fun we could have if I was independently wealthy. Not only would I be present for this big event, but I would also be able to ensure the purchase of each and every one of your pieces of art!

Will be in touch as soon as I come into a large sum of money!!

Oh yeah, congrats, Chris, you go girl!

D said...

Missed it, what with only now having found the blog. Nice photos, though - how'd it wind up?