Sunday, August 02, 2009

Living South of the Thames

I arrived in London yesterday afternoon to begin a much needed 2 week holiday. I am house/cat sitting for friends and this will be the 3rd time doing this so it's turning into a bit of a regular thing - lucky me :)

Last year there were 2 cats to care for. This year there is just 1 as Suki passed away in January (so very sad).

This leaves me with Tom
Tom Cat in the Morning
who is now ultra affectionate and we had a good cuddle last night when I got settled and another one this morning before I started to make my breakfast.

I haven't uploaded any new photos at the moment (the above were from last year) as my camera is downstairs and I am upstairs still curled up in bed with my coffee. I am on holiday after all ;)

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knizpkovrizhka said...

Catscatscats ^_^ They can provide you your best holiday ever indeed:)