Sunday, November 09, 2008


Hot shower, do the hair, get dressed. Look out my bedroom window and see some blue sky. Walk into the lounge, chat with the flat mate as putting on my coat and grab my keys. Head outside, open the front door and it's a torrential downpour.

Head back inside, find my hat, twist/tuck the hair up underneath. Say goodbye again to the flat mate, open the front door and the rain has stopped. Oh well.

Walk one block and it starts raining again. Good thing I've got the hat on.

Cross the street, get halfway down the next block and it starts to hail :( No worries as I'm almost to the church.

After the service a few of us decide to head to Stravaigin for brunch. And once again it's a torrential downpour but with some wind added in for good measure.

The pub is packed, seems everyone had the same idea. Lucky for us a nice table at the back has just freed up (nice and far away from the cold front door). It's so nasty outside I'm thinking I may just stay here all afternoon.

Just as we sit down a man walks in with a HUGE rottweiler, EEK!!! But he seems very good natured and after a few moments I have this incredible urge to give him a hug (the dog not the man).

I notice this is the third dog I see in the pub. I'm beginning to think the "Honey, I'm heading out to walk the dog" line is code for going to the pub. But the dogs don't seem to mind, preferring the toasty warm inside to the ugly weather outside.

One full Scottish Breakfast and a black coffee later it's time to go. I bundle up all my layers, once again tuck/twist up my hair underneath my hat and step outside to...

Blue sky? OK it's not completely blue but there is an opening in the cloud cover with a bit of blue poking through. And it's not raining, but there are many puddles to navigate and by the time I get home my denims are soaked up about 5 inches from the bottom.

Get home, take off coat, find a wool blanket to curl up under look out window and it's hailing again. And it's not even winter yet.

I love Scotland.


Peggy said...

My son used to work at Stravagin! He lived just above it for a while too! It was the one place I could take Barney my old basset hound into.

Small world huh?

We had the same weather down here in Dumfries & Galloway only with more hail

t said...

I've noticed a dog in a pub recently, and having never seen that, wondered if it was just a kid doing that one time, or if it was legal. Californians love their dogs, but mostly they're only allowed in pet stores or in outside patio dining areas -- don't know how it is elsewhere.

Boy, the hail was exciting, wasn't it!?

Katie said...

So you're a hail fan, eh? I don't know...I was much happier with the weather two weekends ago - cold, crisp, blue sky and almost no wind. Ahhhh.

DaviMack said...

T. has been loving it, as we leave the house at 6:30 for the gym, and the wind is plenty active then. Sigh.

Scotland is all about the weather, isn't it? To the point that I think it's become a genetic trait, as it's about all my mom will talk about. ;)

sexy said...