Sunday, June 01, 2008

Meanwhile at the park...

The scene:

A lovely sunny day. I decided to walk over to the Botanics, picked up a Panini, water and bag of crips for a little picnic for one. I'm sitting on the grass finishing off my lunch and my camera and tripod are off to the side.

Him: whatcha taking pictures of?

Me: nothing at the moment, but probably flowers after

Him: why dontcha take my picture

Me: would you like me to take your picture?

Him: Ya!

Me: OK, big smile then



clipp2nd said...

This made me smile, thank you.

Anonymous said...

so did you go out with him - he looks like a nice guy.

Chris said...

Um, no.

D said...

They're like that, here. I was taking pictures of the most recent Orange Parade and this bunch of kids comes up to me, the bravest of which asked me, "gi uz a pitcher wi yer camra den!" All as fast as possible, of course. I (shamefully) had to reply that I couldn't understand him. Nor the second time. He scampered off, and only upon really reflecting upon what he'd said was I able to understand it!