Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Business Traveller

Didn't get around to having breakfast this morning as I ran out of time due to packing my suitcase.

Didn't get around to having lunch until after 3:00 due to trying to get everything done in prep for being out of the office for a day.

The 'snack' on my BA flight consisted of 1/2 sandwich with cheese and vegetable pickle on oatmeal bread, and another 1/2 sandwich of ham and...... wait for it...... MAYO (big surprise) on wholemeal bread. But the glass of Bordeaux made up for it.

Did I mention I was lucky passenger number 15 that had to endure the 3 yr old have a temper tantrum the whole 1 hr and 25 minutes of the flight? The little angel.

Missed my train by about 30 seconds so had to stand around for 30 minutes for the next one.

Arrived at the hotel and was informed the kitchen JUST closed.

Dinner - a cup of English Breakfast Tea and 2 shortbread biscuits.

Yup, business travel is sooooo luxurious.


Anonymous said...

Oh my - you did not get lucky on this trip. Let's hope your bed is comfy, dreams are pleasant and that you have a good hair day tomorrow.

basest said...

i believe it is legal to spank other people's children if they are not properly disciplining them on an airplane. check with your carrier for their individual policy.

Peggy said...

Sometimes if you ask, the kitchen will have mercy and make up something for you. If not, there is always the mini-bar.

I traveled all over North Africa and had a great time. I didn't get sick until I had an airplane chicken salad sandwich on the flight back to the UK.