Sunday, November 25, 2007

Because It's Ladies Night

Saturday was all about hangin' with the girls.

Early afternoon I met with a downstairs neighbour for a light lunch and coffee at a new Deli that opened up on Park Drive, Sonny & Vitos Deli Cafe. Then I hopped the underground to meet up for an afternoon at a Day Spa to get my hands and feet pampered with a manicure & pedicure.

I will be honest, the treatments themselves were not the best I've ever had, but the staff were so warm, friendly and very accommodating as there were 8 of us coming and going and making last minute changes.

After the spa, we then went to Mags house for tea, cakes and chocolate and the inevitable yak fest that happens when women get together. The lemon cupcakes were particularly yummy.

The evening ended with us moving to another house and en route we purchased some wine and Chinese Take-a-way. Once dinner was inhaled (we were all starving by this time) we moved into the lounge to watch the ultimate chick flick, An Affair To Remember.

I've never seen this movie before other than the small clip that was used in Sleepless in Seattle. I swear throughout the movie they couldn't decide whether Cary Grant's hair was to be gray or dark as it keeps switching back between various scenes (major continuity error there).

But it was a fun day all around, just hangin' out with the girls.

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Peggy said...

You had never seen An Affair to Remember?!? Well, you've seen it now.

Funny you should mention pedicure and manicure. I need em.