Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is a Holding Post

Just realizing now how far behind I am in my postings, so this is just a holding posting. I've been to London, Linlithgow, Ayr, and currently in York. Seen castles, palaces, abbeys a cathedral or two and more than my share of clouds, gray sky and drizzle.

Been taking lots of pictures and am only about 2 days behind in posting them. So you'll have to check out my Flickr site to keep you going until I get the chance to sit down and organize all my thoughts and can do a proper post here. Realistically that won't be until Saturday as when I go back to work Wednesday I know it's going to be crazy as always.

Until then....



D J & E Huber said...

Phew! We were starting to worry that you'd taken ill after a plate of bad haggis.

Anonymous said...

Holding ,,,, but getting a tad anxious. In 4 days it will be a month since your tickled my curiosity about MPFC - when will we see the review?